Today at our adoption event, through all the dogs & people, walked in this tiny wide eyed little 5 year old named Allison. Allison came to Petco with her mom & little sister to see all the doggies that were up for adoption and to help her mom fill out a foster application. But we soon found out she had other plans…. Earlier that day Allison told her mom that she wanted to donate the money she had in her piggy bank to DDR. Her mother thinking that was a wonderful idea got the girls ready and headed to the grocery store to use the change counting machine. While the machine starting clicking & clacking away as the coins feel through the shoot, Allison’s mom was taken back on the screen how the number was climbing to a large amount. When it was done they made their way to DDR’s adoption event.

When Allison arrived at Petco she was quiet, staying by her mother side, she went from dog to dog smiling and petting them with her mothers permission. When the time came for Allison to make donation she did not warrant any attention or praise, she simply reached in her tiny pocket and placed her piggy bank money in the DDR donation jar. After her mother was done filling out a foster application I noticed them walk of to a separate part of the store as I was talking to some visitors. Not five minutes later Debbie, one of our core volunteers, came up to me and said “Did you see the little girl that made the donation?” I said “Yes, I did not speak to her but I saw her put her money in the jar.” She said to me with a stunned look…..”She donated all the money in her piggy bank, $192.00.” My heart dropped, and I instantly said, “where is she, go and find her please”. When Allison walked back with her Mother she was smiling and standing right by her side. I told her that she should be very proud of what she did today and that her donation will be able to pay for vet care for a rescue. She smiled and shook my hand. I also told her that the next female rescue we save we are going to name her Allison in honor of her act of kindness. Everyone there cheered for her and gave her the biggest feeling of pride that she so rightly deserved. 

Her mom commented on the photo to add: Dante, what kind words!! It was wonderful meeting you and your team today, as well as the sweet dogs. As Allison’s mom, I could not be prouder!! She brought tears to my eyes this morning when she suggested it and I again found myself crying while reading this story. As we were leaving the store, she said “My heart feels happy!” Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments about my sweet little girl. She makes me proud every day!!

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