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Obama Nails

If you’re a registered US voter and you haven’t voted yet today… what are you doing on tumblr right now? GET OUT AND VOTE!


All I did was make dots with my different neon polishes and then stamped overtop. I recommend putting a coat or two of a white polish down on your nails first before starting with the neons, it will make them more opaque.

(via Holy Manicures: Neon Snakeskin Nails.)


Greek Key design made just with a dotting tool for the Chalkboard Nails contest. Read more on my blog



Ahhhsdkfjwe I can’t get over how much I love these! They were a pain in the ass to make really crisp and they took forever, but the end product is so worth it! These are completely freehanded, if you were wondering, and as for how to do them, just paint on little diamonds in the pattern you see! There’s no real trick, just go sloooowly and don’t get frustrated if you screw a line up. Just let it dry and go over it again with whatever color will fix the mistake. Ahhhh love love love.

I definitely want to try this pattern!


My black konad!

Probably stolen from someone else, but I didn’t find the original. I wanna try this! 


Watch this nail tutorial to get these super cute converse shoe nails from Beautylish Beauty cutepolish!

Totally plan on doing this soon//eventually. 

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