Great. Another person who knows absolutely nothing about abortion or the people who get them.
1.No, it’s nothing like killing babies.  Babies can think, they can feel pain, they can suffer, etc. Fetus can’t do any of that till at least the 3 trimester, if at all. The majority of abortions are done before 12 weeks and most before it’s even a fetus. You may think that killing a born, breathing baby is the same things as ‘killing’ a puny clump of cells that can’t think or fell, but I gaurantee you the baby, who is you know able to actually feel the pain and suffer, sees a huge difference. Right here is what the majority of abortions look like.

Here is when most people get abortions. Late term abortions are ONLY done if the mother will die other and there’s an unviable fetus, OR if theres simply an unviable fetus.

On to more.
The comparison to your parents coming in your room at night and killing you to an abortion is insulting and laughable.Please, tell me what rights the children are taking away from the parents that would justify killing them. I mean it’s so hard to even retorty this because it’s so incredibly laughable.
-Put them up for adoption
-Put them in foster care

You are treating fetuses and embyro’s as if they are just chilling in their own space in the world minding their own business and completely ignoring the fact that an embyro is USING SOME ONE ELSE’S BODY. See, we have these things in society called “laws” and “precedents” and what not. The precendent in society is that you can not use some one else’s body against their will. This is called “illegal”. See, if I’m dieing on my death bed, I can’t just decided to take some one else’s kidney. Because that would be disrupting thier right to bodily autonomy and my right to life is not superior to their right to bodily autonomy in any instance. In fact, the right to life isn’t even superior to other people’s right to property or anything. If I’m in a winter storm dieing, I can’t just mozy on over to some one’s house knock on their door and invite myself in against their desires. Because that is an infliction on their right to property and my right to life is not superior to their right to property. If they did throw me out in the cold after I’m in their house, I highly doubt it would be considered murder. All they did was protect their right to property by tossing me out of it. Now, here’s another example. If I’m dieing and need surgery, I can’t hold a gun to a surgeons head and force them to perform it on me to save my life, and I can’t go rob a bank for money to pay for surgery to save my life. Because both of these things are that word “illegal”. If I were to do these things, I would be thrown in jail instead of getting the surgery because I am infringing on the surgeons rights. If I were to rob a bank, I would go to jail and NOT get to keep the money, because I was doing something illegal. And this doesn’t just apply to me. This applies to every person. No one can just go ahead  and take away some one else’s rights just to fullfill their right to life because the right to life is NOT superior to other rights. Even if my intent is to save my own life, a very worthy intent I must say.  IN each of these scenarios, the end result is my death. However, we don’t call the people who didn’t let me take their rights “murderers” just because they defended themselves and it led to my death. See, These are all things that are the values and morals of society.
Now, what does this mean in abortion? Well let’s take a look!
So, if a fetus were to rob a bank if it was necessary to survive,then the cops would arrest the fetus for doing something illegal because robbing a bank is illegal. The fetus would end up dieing, but yet the cops aren’t murderers because they were just defending other peoples rights to their money.
If a fetus were to hold a gun to a surgeons head in order to save their life, then the fetus would be arrested once again, and would die because of no surgery. Is the surgeon then suddenly a murderer because he refused to perform surgery and called the cops and the fetus ended up dieing?No, the doctor was simply protecting his own rights which the fetus was violating.

Now, if the fetus were take over some one else’s uterus and the only way for the person to protect their rights were to get the fetus out, thus killing it, how is that murder? We’ve established that the right to life is not superior to other rights, and in fact the right to bodily autonomy is more important. We’ve established that using some one else’s body against their will is in fact illegal. So, is this murder? Of course not, to assume so would be ridiculous. This fetus was taking away the rights of another person by doing something against the law, and the person reacted by protecting themselves.

“But person,” You may ask,” none of that makes sense! The fetus doesn’t INTEND to hurt  anyone! So it’s ~totally differnet~”
Ah, but intent doesn’t matter ,does it?
I may be sleeping walking and not intend hurt anyone or have any intent at all, but if I’m attacking some one else in my sleep, are they not allowed to defend themselves? Am I not still doing something illegal, regardless of my intent? The law doesn’t change just because of intent; what’s illegal is illegal. It doesn’t stop being so just because of a lack of intent. So, if I am sleepwalking and attacking some one-taking away their rights-and the only way they can defend themselves is to kill me, then that is perfectly fair. I’m taking away their rights. whether I intend to or not, or whether I have any form of intent what so ever. It’s happening. And as such, the  person whose rights are being attacked have every right to defend themselves, and if killing is the only way, then that’s perfectly justifiable! Saying that a pregnant person defending themselves against a fetus using their body against their will is murder because a fetus has no intent at all is ridiculous, and the idea that people can only protect themselves if there’s a clear malicious intent is preposterous. The fetus commits an illegal act and takes some ones rights away, then the person can do the only thing to protect themselves: abortion.

Why yes, yes it is! So are parasites, cancer, disease, murder,rape,cannibilism, and a variety of other things! How natural something is has no bearing on our society because we do not dictate laws on how natural something is. Giving a fetus a right to some one else’s body because pregnancy is natural makes no sense. Abortion itself is natural. Bison, rats, and dogs are just examples of animals that can abort if the proper conditions aren’t satisfied. Furthermore, like it or not, we human beings ARE apart of nature. Abortion in human beings has existed forever, ever since the first person didn’t want to be pregnant. Back before human beings created civilizations and truly were a part of nature, abortions exist. Thus, human beings aborting is 100% natural, just as pregnancy is.

Now, to continue. The fact that you think vaccuming out a clump of unfeeling unthinking cells from some ones uterus is WORSE then parents sneaking into their children’s rooms in the middle of the night and muredering them is…horrific, to say the least. Those children would have had hopes, dreams, memories, friends. They would have laughed before, cried before, knew joy, knew pain. The thought that them being murdered is at all comparable to an embryo that is incapable of having hopes, dreams, memories or friends, incapable of knowing joy or pain, incapbable of laughing or crying, and actually has cognitive function the same as a plant is horrific. It shows that you do not value human beings for WHO they are. You don’t care about their minds and the unique thoughts in their heads, their hobbies, their flaws. You don’t care that their favorite food might be spaghetti, and they like to draw outside the lines on coloring books and they’re afraid of dogs but love cats. Their personality, their minds, the very ESSENCE of “WHO” is completely and utterly WORTHLESS to you.  All that matters to you is that they are made up of human DNA. All you care about is the “WHAT”. You don’t care that a child named Susie liked to skip rope with her friends on weekends and her best friends name is Robby who lives next door and sometimes she likes to play dress up with her cat. You don’t care that her favorite book is “The hungry caterpillar” and she when her mother reads it to her to bed, it’s her faovrite time of day. Because you don’t give a shit about Susie as a person, as an indivudal. If Susie is killed, it’s the exact same loss to you as an emybro being terminated. Because Susie as a person holds 0 value. Susie as a “who” is not important and is meaningless. To you, all that makes susie worth ANYTHING is the “what”. That she is made of human DNA. That’s it. That’s why her murder is somehow comparable to the termination of an embyro whose sole qualifications for “human being” is the fact its made of human DNA. And the fact you think that an embryo’s termination as WORSE then the murder of susie is horrific. Pro-fetus, not pro-life. Because you don’t care about the actual people. The only value they have to you is their genetic code.

Alright continuing on.
“There are so many better things you could be doing rather than killing it off.”
And yet, how many things do you mention?
1. Adoption.
So much for “so many better things!”
Listen, adoption is an alternative to PA-RE-NTING. Not PR-EG-NA-NCY. If some one does NOT want to let some one else use their body against their will for 9 months, they can’t just give the fetus up for adoption. It’s ipmossible. If they could, i GUARANTEE YOU abortion would be illegal because there’s be no need to end hte fetuses life when you can protect the Uterus owner’s right to autonomy while allowing the fetus to live. But it’s impossible. So abortion is the only other option to pregnancy, still.

Ok, almost done.
It really sucks that you’re older brother was miscarried. It really sucks that your mother was torn up over the miscarriage even though she had wanted an abortion. Chances are, she wanted this pregnancy but couldn’t go through with it for one reason or another.

BUt you need to understand something.
Here, here’s a handy guide:

YOUR MOTHER                                          EVERYONE ELSE

Your mother is not the spokesperson for miscarriage and abortion. Her experience is ONLY hers. In fact, the majority of people who have an abortion feel RELIEF afterwwards, not guilt. It not something the majorityy of people that get one regret. By the way, 1 out of 3 people with uteruses will hav an abortion by age 45.
See, to you, you might see a fetus and see this:

In fact, many people who have WANTED pregnancies mgiht picture that.
But see, when you are pregnant against your will, you will probably NOT see that. Because no matter how much you like to pretend and imagine, that is not the reality. In order to feel a connection to something, you have to want it. And no matter hwo much you want to protest, an embyro is a complete stranger to this person, and people don’t usually just automatically love strangers, especially one that is using their body against their will. Genetic do not mean shit. Peolpe abuse their actual children all the time, give them up, kill them, etc. There is no ~magical potion thing~ that somehow makes people attached to something just because it has the same DNA as them, so as mcu has you want to spout “BAWWW ITS YOUR BABY IT HAS YOUR DNA YOU SHOULD LOVE IT”, reality is that for people experieincg an unwanted pregnancy, this isn’t a child at all. This is an organism that is living isnide them that happens to have half their DNA and looks like a really really tiny shrimp. That’s the reality. And when that shrimp is gone, it’s a rbeath of relief. Because now, they can focus on the children they already have (61% of people who get abortions are mothers) and make sure hteir life is great.

But hey, I guess the person who compares the murder of children in their sleep as being LESS HORRIBLE than the termination of an embryo that has no right to be in the uterus in the first place would know all about not having a heart, so maybe I’m wrong.

Fucking THIS. Thank you. And earlier I saw the whole “what if her mother had been pro-choice?” thing. NOT EVERY FUCKING PRO-CHOICE PERSON CHOOSES TO HAVE AN ABORTION. My mom’s pro-choice. I have lots of family who is pro-choice BUT WANTED AND WAS EXCITED TO BE PREGNANT. You better believe if a fetus starts squatting in my uterus, it’s getting the fuck out quick. Also, I’m sick of people (my sister) shushing me if I make this statement too loud in public. I don’t fucking care who knows. I fully intend on exercising my right to an abortion if I become pregnant. Unless my life views change dramatically by then. Meaning I’d still be pro-choice, but might CHOOSE to stay pregnant. 

Okay, end rant. Sorry.


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